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Harness the power of social media for your church.

Build a social media presence

There are 3.26 billion people using social media and 69% of adults are using it. Is your church reaching people where they are hanging out at? On average people use social media for 2.5 hours a day; tap into that by creating a community built around your church.


Facebook is the second most popular site on the web, use it to promote events and create solid content based around a Christ-centered life and weekly sermons.


Instagram is the top platform for teens - age 34, use it to connect with businesses and people in the community with strong visual content.


Get the most out of your social media presence by creating a seamless, consistent voice on all of your platforms; we also provide consults on branding and website design.

Meet My Team!

Meet my dedicated creative team.

Cat with green eyes sitting on shoes

Lover of the great outdoors and food 


Cat with green eyes

Lover of PEts and Comfy beds


Two Guinea Pigs

Lover of Zoomies, food extraordinaires

Sugar & Claire

What I can do for your church

My approach is to look at churches as a business. The target market may vary based on the church but the product we are selling is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I look at what is working for businesses and modify it to fit a format that works within the values and beliefs of the Church. 

Consistent Branding

As with any business, consistent branding is important. Social media and the web are image based, if you want to capture an audience, you need to have a consistent voice and feel.

Community Engagement

The web is a broad, open place. Reach people outside of your church body and engage the community


Church Vitality

Image can be everything when trying to draw in new people to a church or business. The health of your social media accounts is a direct indication of what people perceive the vitality of your church to be.

my skills and experience



Adobe Creative Suite

Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace management and set up

Hubspot, Sales Force


Content creation


Clips & Imovie

Quickbooks Online

Creative mindset

Evaluate analytics and adapt

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