About me

Hello, I am Ashley Mann.  Welcome to my website!  I am a York, PA native who has grown up in a United Methodist Church, but have since had experience with a variety of denominations.  You can read more about me and my experience below!



A few years ago I received a sewing machine as a Christmas present.  My mother had tried to teach me to sew while I was growing up, but I never quite had the knack for it.  I decided to give it a shot, and for some reason this time it just clicked.  This progressed quickly into sewing for friends and family, and then an Etsy business.  Over the course of 4 years I built two businesses where I managed and maintained every aspect; sewing and operations, marketing, customer service among others.

The problem with turning your hobby into a business, is that it then becomes your job.  I made the discovery that while I had burnt out on sewing, I greatly enjoyed other parts of the business.

My skill set is based in the private sector, but I am uniquely equipped to work with churches based on my experience.  I grew up United Methodist, but have served with my husband in other denominations as the wife to a worship leader.

Currently I am a part time social media coordinator for Asbury United Methodist Church. I also have a Bachelor of arts degree in English from York College.

My family consists of my husband, and two children, both boys.  We live in Dover, PA and my children go to Leib Elementary school.  In our spare time we love to travel, play in the backyard and go on hikes.

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